What to buy? What to pack? All those questions! Click on the handy resource that I've compiled for you, with love. 

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What are my favorite brands and items? 

Uppa Baby stroller and car seat combo. Yeah it's big bucks but you won't regret it! (Tip- look for used ones) 

Jolly Jumper Bassinette rocker stand, for that bassinette to be baby's primary sleep area for the first few months!

Swaddles: Woombie, specifically this style: https://www.westcoastkids.ca/convertible-non-vented-5-13lbs-heather-grey

Diapers: Costco! No kidding, the Kirkland brand are just off-label Huggies. No Costco membership? Stick with Huggies. Cloth diapers? If you have in-home laundry that doesn't eat loonies, go ahead and buy anything! If you have to PAY for laundry, do yourself a favor and use a diaper service like these nice peeps: https://happybabycheeks.ca/cloth-diapers/

 I am a big fan of the prefolds in the "newspaper fold" simply laid in a velcro cover. If you're the kind who thinks snaps are cool, their premium diapers are pretty deluxe! Want to buy your own? Check out the cloth diaper swap groups on Facebook. 

What you don't need: (IF someone gives you any on this list, quickly find it a new home, you really really will NOT need it.)

Bouncy seats or baby seats. I haven't found a baby that likes them. Once babe is old enough to sit supported a high chair or being propped with a nursing pillow does the trick. 

Crib bumper pads. These are a suffocation and entrapment hazard. PLEASE do not use them. 

Wipe warmer. It's cumbersome and honestly baby is going to cry regardless of temperature. 

Babyfood maker. Get a baby bullet instead. 

Bottle sterilizer. Get a dishwasher basket for the small parts instead.

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