Birth Doula Services

The presence of an experienced labour support person can help you find your inner strength, hold you up (quite literally), and keep you focused on your goals. I can help you navigate your options during labour and help provide clarification when needed. I am there to reassure you and your partner throughout your pregnancy, labour, and immediate postpartum period.  I believe that birth is a personal event and I encourage you to express yourself freely in whatever way resonates for you.  I consider myself an open minded individual and you are welcome to be your true authentic you.  If you have requests for gender neutral language, specific pronouns, or preferred titles please do bring this to my attention.  My job as a doula is to ensure the feelings of support and comfort throughout your journey. Doula love helps everyone regardless of their role in the birth. 
Birth Doula Fee $1200
Includes 2-3 prenatal visits, support via text, phone, and email throughout pregnancy and in preparation for birth, early labour support in your home, active labour and birth support, immediate postpartum support, and 2-3 postpartum visits for breastfeeding support, basic infant care,  and debriefing.  *Postpartum visits will be 45-90 minutes each. Families requiring more support should consider booking additional postpartum doula services, see below. As a DONA certified birth doula you may be able to claim my fee through your extended health or as a medical expense on your income taxes. 
Hospital access for extra support people (friends, family, etc.) is currently being restricted. As a DONA certified doula I am considered "medical staff" and WILL be present for your birth along with your partner. At this time I am serving BCWH  and homebirths only.  (Homebirthers may utilize any facility as their back up plan.) 
 I am currently providing consults and prenatals via video conferencing only for your safety and mine. 
If you are considering birthing at home and need more information please reach out. 

Breastfeeding Support 




 I have breastfed my babies well into toddlerhood and have taken extensive training in human lactation and breastfeeding practices. While there is often a learning curve for both mom and baby, breastfeeding shouldn't be a struggle. If you are worried, overwhelmed, or find yourself with conflicting information from your health care team and would like to sort out a solid and attainable long term plan, let's chat! My goal is for moms to feel comfortable, confident, and know that their babies are getting what they need to thrive. I can talk you through how we will get you from where you are to where you want to be. 

If the goal is to simply put baby to boob and not fuss with tubes and pumps and bottles, let's chat. 

Initial Consult $70 Fee includes a comprehensive history of breastfeeding trials and challenges to date, including health care provider's concerns and goals, discussion of my philosophy and primary plan, a 60 minute in-home visit to watch baby feed, review latch practices, and assess for other challenges that may be contributing. You will be provided with a written (or texted) plan to follow that will outline the steps we discussed for easy reference. Includes follow up by text.  

Follow-up Visit $35  Fee includes a 60 minute home visit and updated plan. Includes follow up by text.                                          


The postpartum period is a time of adjustment for all members of the family. Some families find it helpful to contract a postpartum doula to assist in making the transition easier. As a postpartum doula I will come to your home to provide physical and emotional support to all members of the family. I will assist with any of the following in a manner that is most helpful to your unique family: Infant feeding, baby care, sibling care, meal prep, laundry, dishes, light housework, errands, and helping to connect you with helpful resources for ongoing success. I will listen to your birth story and hold space for you while you adjust to parenthood. I will help you with self care in the tender newborn phase, which might be as simple as running a bath and tending to the children as you relax or have a nap. A postpartum doula is valuable to all families, but especially to those facing challenging times in mental health, physical pain from birth, or to families with little or no family support.  
Breastfeeding assistance is also available to anyone needing help to establish or maintain breastfeeding. 
Postpartum Doula Fee $35/hour
Day shifts may begin as early as 8am and typically conclude by 6 pm with a 4 hour minimum. 
Night shifts may begin between 8pm and midnight and conclude between 6-8am.  
Postpartum care is available to residents of Delta, Surrey, Richmond, and certain areas of Vancouver.
Please note that you must have adequate safe parking within a reasonable distance. Should it be necessary to pay for parking all parking fees are the responsibility of the client, not the doula.  

Doula Service Packages

Packages save money when birth and postpartum services are combined!
Option 1:  Birth and 2 postpartum visits (4 hrs ea) $1400, additional postpartum hours are $35/hr
 Option 2: Birth and 6 Postpartum visits (4 hrs ea) $1900, additional postpartum hours are $30/hr
Option 3: 8 Postpartum visits (4 hrs ea) $1000, additional postpartum hours are $30/hr
Limit of one discount per family, Package must be paid for prior to birthing to receive this offer.  Hours may be used in fewer visits if desired, example 4 six hour shifts or 3 eight hour shifts instead of 6 four hour shifts. 
*Fees include GST as applicable

Postpartum Doula Services

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